Recent Before & After Photos

Hurricane Damage to Home

Hurricane Irma came to impact the coast of Georgia. This home was severely damaged due to the storm surge. Because of the severity of the damage, we could not s... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage at this conference room occurred when a main water line break happened. Management at the business feared that the damage was too great ... READ MORE

Commercial Property- Water Damage

Here at SERVPRO of Statesboro, we always strive to help out local businesses in their time of need. We were called out to a water job that was damaging a hallwa... READ MORE

Smoke Damage to Home

A small fire started in the upstairs extra room in this home. Luckily for this family, the fire was contained to this one area, and the damage was not extensive... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Contents

When a fire occurs in a home, not only does the homeowner lose part of their home, but they can also lose their items. We see many items that are beyond repair.... READ MORE

Flooding After Storm

The rain waters entered the crawl space of this home and saturated the soil, plumbing, and some duct work. Our SERVPRO technicians set up a portable sump pump t... READ MORE

Water Damage

After the air handler in this unoccupied residence in malfunctioned, water flowed onto the carpeting in the hallway. It was discovered within several hours whic... READ MORE

Septic Backup

Septic tanks gradually fill with solid waste. The grey water is allowed to pass through the tank and into the underground drain field lines in your yard. Once t... READ MORE

Leak From Roof

Our SERVPRO office assistant received a call that a home had significant water spots located on the ceiling signifying water dripping from the roof. With water ... READ MORE

We Accept Any Challenge

SERVPRO received a call that a homeowner had one their more recent purchased homes tested for microbial growth and the testing came back positive. The microbial... READ MORE