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Spring is in the air.. Spring cleaning is upon us

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

It is starting to feel like spring. Coincidence that Phil the Groundhog said this past weekend it would be an early spring? Let's talk that dreaded Spring Cleaning!

On the first warm, dry day of the season, everybody in the family—that is, everyone in the family who had survived the ravages of the cold season—would pitch in to pull every stick of furniture and scrap of cloth outside. Then, armed with brooms and washrags, one squad of housecleaners would return to the house, sweeping and scrubbing every corner and washing down the walls, while another would air out linens, remove soot and ash from couches and chairs, dust books and paintings, and mend a few items on the run.

Today, the thought of taking a day or weekend to turn our houses upside down seems a near impossibility. Who has the time? Besides, our modern centrally heated and cooled, climate-controlled homes don’t get oily, sooty, or smoky, and our washing machines and vacuum cleaners help keep the dirt from sneaking in.

True enough. Still, there are trade-offs: our houses are airtight, comparatively speaking, but they also can’t breathe. They’re full of chemicals and gases, from the components of floor wax to the microfibers of carpets, that our ancestors never knew.

When a warm, dry day does come, the first order of business is to head to each bedroom, strip down the beds, and take everything that isn’t nailed down outdoors. Hang quilts, blankets, comforters, and mattress covers out on the line (or, if the neighbors are forgiving, spread them out on hedges or on the lawn) and let them bask in the sun for the day. Set up a couple of sawhorses and drag the mattress out for a good airing, too. You will be slaughtering dust mites by the millions, and a jolly massacre it will be.

The next step is work your way from the top of the house to the bottom, dusting and then sweeping or vacuuming every corner of the room. Fling open the windows wide, and let fresh air circulate; it’s amazing the difference a day’s airing can make for a house that’s been shut up all winter. If, that is, your house will allow you to open windows at all, as no hotel built within the last ten years seems to permit.

It’s time now to do some heavy lifting, literally: move the stove and refrigerator and give the floor underneath a good scrub. Self-cleaning ovens don’t need much maintenance these days, but microwaves do; if you’re not in the habit of giving yours a weekly sponging down, then put two cups of water into a Pyrex bowl, throw in two lemon halves, and turn the oven on high setting for ten minutes. Then take a fresh washcloth (always preferable to a sponge) and scrub the oven rack and walls, taking care not to skip the ceiling. Give it a second scrubbing with half a cup of plain white vinegar diluted in half a cup of warm water, then add another cup of water to the bowl and turn the oven on for another ten minutes. The lemon will remove the smell of the vinegar, and your oven will be like new. 

Now for the windows. Dust and vacuum the drapes, blinds, and shades. Wash the windows inside and out. Again, a mixture of white vinegar and warm water is as good as any commercial cleaner; I will refuse to feel guilty if this advice brings the window-spray conglomerates to financial ruin.

You’re probably ready for lunch now. Take a break. Then give the house a quick once-over. Do you have smoke detectors? Now’s the time to change the batteries, which will usually last a year. Do you have a ceiling fan or a chandelier? Now’s the time to climb up on a stepladder and remove dust from the top of the fan blades and crystals.

Ready for a cup of coffee? It’s probably time for one. You already know that spring cleaning is made all the easier by keeping up with the cleaning chores daily, weekly, and monthly throughout the year. A legion of self-improvement, time-management, and uncluttering consultants and web sites stands ready to dispense advice on just how to do that, one of the ironies of this age of consumption and of the constant hurry to acquire the money to acquire more stuff.

Now it’s time to head to the bedroom closets, the garage, the basement—or maybe it’s time to send your loved ones in to do that terrible work, or even to hire someone for the job.  Call SERVPRO of Statesboro at 912-764-9542 to set up a Spring Clean Deep Clean.  Then, sit back and enjoy the nice Spring weather and your sparkling clean home.

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